Friday, October 1, 2010

Personal Narrative, Oct 2010

The Michigan Soccer Game

I went to a Michigan soccer game. One of my friends came with me. First, we rode the bus from the parking lot. It was a yellow school bus. There were a lot of people.

Next, we got thunder sticks and a Michigan soccer poster. Thunder sticks are like balloons that you bang together. They were very loud. The poster was also cool.

Finally, we got our seats. The crowd was excited. The game began. The crowd was extremely loud. Michigan started with the ball. After a while my friend and I got pizza and candy.

The game went into overtime. At the end it was a tie game. It was very late when we got home. I was glad that I got to go to the soccer game.

Monday, March 29, 2010


The Drizzle

Drip, Drop!
I hear the sound of water.

Pitter, Patter!
Do you hear the sound of rain on the roof?

Splish, Splash!
We dash through the puddles!

It is very wet and gray.
It is a drizzly day.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bubble Trouble

Zeke's Bubble Trouble Book Report

Grace is trying to get into Jane’s bubble club. Grace really tries to blow a bubble. But Jane tries not to include Grace in the club with all her rules. Her big brother Tom tries to cheer Grace up. Finally Jane lets her in the club.
I like it when Jane lets Grace in the club. This is a good story because it’s funny and the problem is good.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jacob's Soccer Game

Jacob’s Soccer Game

By Zeke

One afternoon Jacob was at his soccer game. Jacob was running swiftly after the ball. WHAM! A player from the other team bumped him. This made Jacob mad. He punched the kid. The ref blew the whistle. He held a yellow card up. Jacob stomped off the field. His friend Matt came over and said,” What’s going on Jacob ?”

“That kid pushed me and the ref didn’t call it,” said Jacob.

“Woa...” Matt started to say.

“I just hate soccer!” said Jacob

Matt said, “That isn’t true Jacob. You were doing the right thing on defense.”(not when he punched him)

“ I just don’t think I am really good,” yelled Jacob.

“Come on Jacob there scoring. We need you on defense because you’re so good.” Said Matt.

“I am encouraged enough Matt. I’ll tell coach I am ready.”Said Jacob.

When Jacob is in the soccer game he goes up to the boy and said,” I’m sorry for punching you.”

“ I’ts ok.” Said the boy.

The game ended right when Jacob scored. He went over to Matt and said ,“ Thank you Matt. You’re the best friend.”

After the game his dad took him to Dunhams to get a new soccer ball!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Zeke's Anaconda Report

Anacondas are very deadly. The longest recorded Anaconda was 30 feet long and weighed over 440 lbs.

Anacondas live in the Amazon Basin. The Amazon River is in Brazil in South America. They swim in the Amazon River and they climb trees.

Anacondas eat lots of weird animals. Here are the basic animals that Anacondas eat: birds, baby alligators, big fish, big lizards, even snakes! They even eat wild pigs and small horses! They constrict with their long bodies and they kill their prey. Anacondas are some amazing reptiles!

Zeke's first persuasive essay

Helping the Elderly
by Zeke Gray

I think that you should help the elderly with their chores. First, the elderly are lonely. They would really like a visitor. When you go to do their chores you will help them and make them happy.

Second, you might get paid! I get paid for taking out the garbage for my great grandparents. I wonder what job you could help the elderly with!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zeke's First Story

How to Play Twister

Twister is a difficult and fun game. You need 3to5 people, a twister mat, and a twister spinner. First, pick someone to be the spinner. The rest of the people are on the mat. Then, the spinner spins the spinner, shouts out the space it points to. Next, the people on the mat move to the space called out. As soon as, their bottom, elbow, head, or back touch the ground they are out. Finally, the last person on the mat wins. Have a twisty time!